Before and After – Dining Room

Back in July, I made a really quick decision to buy a house. It has its ups and downs (like no insulation in the roof whatsoever) but overall, I love it. I painted the upstairs rooms soon after purchasing the house, but the downstairs rooms remained that neutral, trying-to-sell-a-house color. One day I decided I had had enough of neutrals. Probably because it was the darkest, grayest days of winter, and I needed some color in my life.

My first room makeover was the dining room. Instead of staying “safe” with something that wouldn’t offend, I thought, this is my house and it’s going to look the way I want it. I picked a bright orange and never looked back. I am totally in love. The bright, happy orange cheers me up when it’s gray. Here are some before and after shots.




One thought on “Before and After – Dining Room

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