Shadowbox Love

I’ve always loved the idea of shadowboxes. Many of the ones I’ve seen weren’t quite my taste. However one day while making the daily blog rounds, I saw this one in the background of a Design*Sponge post.

I fell in love. I also realized that being a pack rat was paying off this time. I had a bunch of vintage sewing supplies and notions that had belonged to my grandmother that I couldn’t bear to use or get rid of. Why not put it on display?

What do you think? I was given the frame, but it’s from IKEA. I just used a piece of matt board for the background and attached the items using double sided tape.

This is a pretty easy project, but if you don’t have items just laying around the house (and have some money to burn), you can always get one of these gorgeous displays from Specimen Box Shop on Etsy.

(Bird Egg Shadow Box $250)

(Starfish Specimen Shadow Box $225)

Or these shadowboxes from colorstorydesigns made from recycled magazines (Burst of Brights $32).

I also love these butterfly displays from BugUnderGlass also on Etsy.

(Turquoise Emperor Butterfly $23)

(Monarch Butterfly in museum display $52)


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