100 Ideas for New York

100 Ideas for New York is a project from Biber Architects. It’s a list of 100 Ideas to improve New York City.

100 Ideas for New York™

Though we love The City, we don’t exactly admire it.
And there is nothing more New York than complaining about The City we love.

Hence this collection, which will be published in print later this year. These 100 Ideas are not all serious, but not all risible either. They are about making The City an even more incredible place to live, for those who can’t live without it.

Every week a new Idea will be unveiled, so keep in touch.

While only the first idea has been revealed so far, I think it may already be my favorite. I lived in Chicago for four years while attending Columbia College. The worst part about living in a big city is the tourists. They crowd the sidewalks and meander along at an unbearably slow pace. Not to say I haven’t done the same when I’m in a new city, but I try my best to be aware of people just going about their daily lives, trying to avoid me.

Biber Architects writes,

NY would wither without tourists, but they do drive us crazy.

They stroll more slowly than the typical 85 year-old New Yorker; line up in football-size rows blocking entire sidewalks and, worst of all, they actually wait for green lights before crossing.  Before ‘sidewalk rage’ becomes part of our lexicon we should address this by zoning our sidewalks for the visitors and the home team.

A dashed line would allow the window shoppers to walk at their own pace, leaving the fast lane for the rest of us.  Everyone understands the ‘passing lane’ concept, especially coming from the non-urbs, so let’s apply it to our ‘highways’, The City’s sidewalks.

It will become a matter of pride to avoid the slow lane and declare oneself a real New Yorker by using the fast lane.

I couldn’t agree more.

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