Vintage Finds

Today I made a trip to Midland Market, a great source for vintage items in Indianapolis. I only got there an hour before they closed, so I made a quick sweep though, but still managed to find a few gems.

I almost missed my first find. I love maps, so I was thrilled when I came across this bulletin board with the US map printed on it. It’s in good shape too. Not a lot of wear and tear. I only noticed two pin holes, one in Casper Wyoming, and the other in Moose Jaw, Saskatcchewan.

I was on my way out and spotted this in one of the cases. I’m completely obsessed with typography, typesetting, and printing in general, so there was no way this way not coming home with me. It’s a little toy for printing your own newspaper.

It even came with this “Idea Book” which I didn’t look through until I got it home, but I love almost as much as the printer itself.

I found  few things that, sadly, I had to leave behind. (Sorry for the cell phone pics.)

Is this not AMAZING?! Sadly, I did not have $750 to drop. Sigh.

I thought these health class posters were pretty cool. I decided I did not have the wall space and I knew my boyfriend would find them incredibly creepy. I don’t blame him. The vagina one is a little weird.

I hope you enjoyed my finds!

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