DIY Chandelier

I’ve been searching blog after blog on cute ideas for diy lighting. I’m just not finding anything I like that I can buy straight from the store, and if I do, it’s entirely out of my budget. I decided to give up on that route and just make something of my own. Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to get to this project (it’s on the Spring Break to do list). I have found a few cool ideas I’d like to share in case anyone else just can’t afford traditional lighting.

(Images link to the original post)

I love this one from Design*Sponge. It’s very pretty, however, I don’t think it will put out the light I need in the spare bedroom/studio. Maybe a smaller version in the bathroom would be nice…

I love this idea. Can you believe this is a diy?

I think if I tried this mason jar light, I would try frosting the glass of the jars to soften the light a little.

You could always keep it simple by using an oversized shade.

And I know this is not technically a chandelier as much as a chandelier-like candle holder, but still, it’s gorgeous.

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