Wallflowers Font

I love fonts, typography, lettering, all of it. I also really love pattern design. This awesome font from Laura Worthington combines those loves.

Worthington says,

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with patterns. Growing up in an home built in the 1920s that had very interesting wallpaper throughout can have that effect. These icons and tiles are a result of several sketches accumulated in my many notebooks, finally redrawn and assembled into an easy to use font format.

Wallflowers features 26 unique hand drawn wallpaper tiles and their accompanying icons for standalone use. These dingbats can be used as icons, borders, and/or wallpaper patterns.

Each letter creates its own pattern when repeated with matching point size and leading. (72pt font with 72pt leading).


Aren’t they gorgeous? You can purchase the font here for only $19.


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