Obsolete Things as Home Decor

I cannot explain my love for old type drawers and library card catalogs. Type drawers are a little easier to find and there are tons of different ways to repurpose them. I am still on the hunt for a card catalog. Those are not easy to find and they are usually pretty pricey. Here are some gorgeous examples. Swoon!

Card Catalogs:

I came across this one at a local antique market. Unfortunately, I did not have $700 to buy it. Sigh.

Type drawers:

Original Use:

Other uses:

Aren’t these all so awesome? I came across two type drawers recently. I am still working on turning one into the jewelry display like the one above. (I swear I really do finish some projects!) The other one, with help from my very handy father, got turned into a knick-knack display. We created a frame with plexi glass to protect my treasures from my curious kitties. Do you love it as much as I do? I’ve put a bunch more keepsakes in since this photo. I’ll take another one and share it soon.

What are your favorite decor items? Anything unusual? Do you have pictures? I want to see.


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