Printmaking Love and Indian Inspired Floor Cloth

Recently, I discovered my work will allow us up to $1000 for professional development. Because I am in a creative field, my boss decided art classes could be considered professional development. I immediately signed up for a printmaking class at the local art center. I have missed printmaking so much and can barely stand to wait for my class to begin June 9th. I did a lot of printmaking in college, but that’s not to difficult when you have fantastic facilities. Now that I work a regular job and own a house (with lots of chores built in) it’s hard to find the time or the energy to actually do any printmaking, or any making of any kind.

On Fridays during my lunch I go to a pilates lesson. The woman I go to is just down the street from work and has two machines in her home. I meet my mom there and we get a workout and get to catch up too. Recently, she suggested we make a floor cloth for her studio to protect the wood floors in exchange for pilates lessons. I wasn’t entirely on board until I realized we could use silkscreen to make it.

I made the screens at home which was a first for me. At school, I had a fancy-schmancy room with a safe light to coat the screens as well as a scoop that was actually large enough to coat them in one swipe. I also had access to a vacuum sealed exposure table. Not at home. This caused a lot of stress and anxiety as I went through this learning process. Not to mention I was using my hose to clean out the screens and let’s just say, winter weather has stuck around a little late this year.

Fortunately, I did FINALLY get the screens figured out and the floor cloth turned out beautifully. I am completely hooked again on silkscreen and printmaking in general and cannot wait for my class!!

Here are some photos of the floorcloth.

2 thoughts on “Printmaking Love and Indian Inspired Floor Cloth

    • It’s great. I just use acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium. It has a coating over it so it washes off easily. Much faster than hand painting too. The elephant is hand painted and took WAY longer.

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