Help these kitties!

I am taking care of these kittens and could use some help. Below is the description copied from a donation listing on my etsy.

Want to help a litter of kittens, but can’t foster a litter of your own? Make a donation to help Theo, Henry, Jack, and Oliver.

These kittens were born inside my neighbors’ roof. The mama was likely a house cat at some point. She is very friendly and quite chatty. I managed to get three of the babies out of the roof, but one hid from me. I created a cozy little home for them in my backyard where they’ve been living with their mama. Mama cat must have liked the new home because one day I got home and she had brought me the last baby!

The kittens are still nursing so they aren’t ready to be fixed, but they will be taken to get spayed/neutered along with their vaccinations and shots as soon as they are ready. As you can see they have an eye infection as well. They are getting medication for this.

This is all quite expensive. I am doing all I can to take care of the cats and get them socialized enough to be adopted into a home so they will not have to live on the streets.

If you would like to make a donation, please click here. Thank you.

(Any and all donations will go completely to the health and care of the kittens. I will take no cut of the money for myself)

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