Weather, the Oscars, and a Quilt Top

I’m a little behind on sharing all of the wonderful things I’ve been up to, but I suppose that means I am keeping busy which I like. Nothing overwhelming, just a lot going on.

I actually watched all of the Oscars for the first time. (I told you I was a little behind, didn’t I?). I enjoyed it and have a big huge crush on Jean Dujardin because he said he loved America because we have these things called cinnamon rolls and you can take a right turn on red. Plus, he’s kind of gorgeous…and French.

Gus wasn’t so into the Oscars.

I’ve been working a little here and there on some of my sewing. I finished one quilt top that had been laying around forever. I had to sash the edges because I kept screwing it up and it just kept getting smaller and smaller. I love the fabric I used for it though.I’m planning on putting the same fabric on the back. It’s a flannel I picked up at Joann’s.

I’ve also been working (very slowly) on adding the hand quilting to my chevron quilt. It’s not my favorite activity, but I love the look so far.

I realized I forgot to share a photo of the finished top, so here it is.


Also, I think the weather has been a little crazy everywhere this winter, but I have to share some of my weird Indiana weather photos.

This first one (well two) were taken just a couple hours apart.


This next one was just too awesome not to share.

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