All of the sudden, it is August. I never know how each month sneaks up on me. I decided to “take the summer off” so to say. I have just been making whatever I feel like making, trying new things, learning new things. A new book store opened up down the street called Indy Reads. It’s an awesome space. Plus it supports an adult literacy program.

I got a (fake) tattoo. Tattly tattoos are kind of awesome.

The president sent me some stickers.

It is just barely starting to feel like fall which makes me immensely happy.

I found an entire box of vintage metal zippers.

Gus approves of them.

I learned how to create a GIANT sock bun.

The past few nights it has been occurring to me that September will be here in no time and I am planning on doing a smallish show September 22nd so I need to get making stuff again. I am going to share a booth with some friends, so I really won’t need to have nearly as much stuff. I need to start looking for some holiday shows because that’s when the real shopping happens.

I am also going to attempt organizing my own show in early December. I did a super last minute one last year that went pretty well, but I want to make it better this year.

On top of that, lots of people are having babies in November so I have some baby blankets to sew.

Things are getting busy!


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