Vintage Things and Puppies

This past weekend I did maybe the most adorable thing ever. I went to doggy swim day. The day before they drain the pools for the season, some places have a doggy swim day. You bring your dog and everyone swims. I don’t have a dog, but my mom has a dog, Stella, who LOVES to swim. My mom takes her to a lake nearby and she will just swim for hours. She likes to chase the ducks too. Anyway, here is Stella at her doggy swim day.

The weekend before that I went to the Indie Arts Vintage and Marketplace. Apparently it’s been so popular, they added another one in October. I had a good time looking around and managed to only spend $4 on some vintage rubber stamps. I also picked up lunch from Groovy Guys Fries, an AWESOME food truck. Here are some of my favorite items I came across.

I also discovered that some of the shelving in my craft room was falling off of the wall, so this is the state of the room at the moment. Not exactly the project I wanted to work on.

As usual, Gus got into a predicament and Teeny got all up in my face.


Sewing and Sleeping

I’ve been attempting to get a lot of sewing done, but work has been so busy, I’ve been coming home and passing out on the couch. Gus has been attempting to keep me motivated.

I sent more patterns off to Crimson Tate.

I finished up that baby quilt I was working on. It turned out really great. Joanna was really happy with it.

I’ve been working on my Merry Go Round quilt in class at Crimson Tate. My friend Brooke talked me into it. I wasn’t sure I was going to like it because the pattern looks really traditional. With a little Denyse Schmidt fabric, I fell in love. Here it is up on the design wall. Heather, the owner of Crimson Tate put it up on the shop facebook page and Denyse Schmidt LIKED IT!

I also started taking an online calligraphy course. I probably could have chosen a better timing, but I’ve really been wanting to take it.

I’ve also been sewing bags and getting ready for the Fountain Square Art Fair here in Indianapolis on September 22nd.

This one is my personal favorite.

So that’s what’s been going on here. What have you been working on?


All of the sudden, it is August. I never know how each month sneaks up on me. I decided to “take the summer off” so to say. I have just been making whatever I feel like making, trying new things, learning new things. A new book store opened up down the street called Indy Reads. It’s an awesome space. Plus it supports an adult literacy program.

I got a (fake) tattoo. Tattly tattoos are kind of awesome.

The president sent me some stickers.

It is just barely starting to feel like fall which makes me immensely happy.

I found an entire box of vintage metal zippers.

Gus approves of them.

I learned how to create a GIANT sock bun.

The past few nights it has been occurring to me that September will be here in no time and I am planning on doing a smallish show September 22nd so I need to get making stuff again. I am going to share a booth with some friends, so I really won’t need to have nearly as much stuff. I need to start looking for some holiday shows because that’s when the real shopping happens.

I am also going to attempt organizing my own show in early December. I did a super last minute one last year that went pretty well, but I want to make it better this year.

On top of that, lots of people are having babies in November so I have some baby blankets to sew.

Things are getting busy!

Back to Work

Well, my long, wonderful spring break has come to an end…sigh. If you’ve just recently started reading my blog, don’t think I’m amazing because of how fast I’ve been cranking out quilts. It’s because I literally slept and sewed ALL break. I’ll still be doing quite a bit of sewing because I’m getting ready for the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange in June and just applied for another smaller show in the beginning of May. (Wish me luck!)

I am so excited for the Handicraft show. Look! There I am!

Also, I had a HUGE spike in my views on here and flickr. A friend informed me that Jeni of In Color Order had linked to my banner quilt on her blog. She also linked one of my sewing buddies, elle square. I am honored to be on her blog. I love all of her work.

I am totally eating up all of the love my quilts have been getting. I am so proud of my work and it’s always so nice to know others like it too! I am also really happy to announce that the Best in Show pattern is now available in my shop. If you are in Indianapolis, you can also purchase a paper pattern at Crimson Tate.

Thanks for the love everyone. I’ll try to keep updating often, just maybe with fewer projects now that I’m back to my day job.

Furniture Shopping

A while back I posted about finding something to display my quilts in. I didn’t find exactly that, but I did find something I couldn’t pass up. This lovely piece. I was in love the moment I saw it. Not to mention it was a steal especially since some of the IKEA pieces I had been looking at were $100-$200 more!

I love it even more with my cameras all set up in it at home! Swoon! I totally shoved my dining room table into the corner of the room so this could be center stage.


I also came across this. A giant Nixon. Any takers?

First Indianapolis Modern Quilt Guild Meeting!

For me anyway. It was at my usual fabric store this past Saturday, so I decided to go check it out. I had a great time. Even though I sat at a table with some ladies I already sort of knew, I discovered one woman is my neighbor! We shared stories of awful neighbors because the neighborhood is a little sketchy. She calls it “transitional” which I thought was fitting.

The best part of the meeting was show-and-tell. It was so awesome to see what everyone else was working on and had finished. There were lots of people with different levels of experience so there was a wide range of designs and styles. Here are some of my favorites.

Sorry the photos are not the best. It was a packed house. There were over 20 attendees which was apparently the biggest turn out yet. I’m excited for the next meeting and getting to know these ladies better and see more of their projects.

If you are in the Indianapolis area and interested in joining, you can check out their blog for more info.


No Time for Sewing

I haven’t been able to spend a lot of time on sewing projects recently. Things have been busy at work and I have several projects that all have to go to the printer at nearly the same time. I love being busy at work, but that usually leaves me to tired to get any sewing done when I get home.

Also, I don’t know if you heard, but the Super Bowl was here in Indianapolis this past weekend. I am not really into watching sports (and honestly don’t even know exactly how football works), but it was fun to be in and around all of the excitement. It made me so happy to hear how great everyone thought the city was.

Also, my sister’s 21st birthday was last Thursday so I went down to Bloomington with my parents to go to dinner with her. We went to a tiny Turkish restaurant. It was delicious. We also stopped in Campus Candy, which was just pretty.

On Sunday morning, I went down to the fabric store to get out of the house and work on some sewing. I didn’t get a lot done, but it was nice just to hang out with my sewing buddies. We even got a little show when the Lawnchair Brigade of Woodruff Place (a nearby neighborhood) marched past on their way down to Super Bowl Village.

I did get some sewing done though! I worked on the quilting for my baby sized Denyse Schmidt quilt and worked on triangles for my chevron quilt. Gus helped.

Single Girl, Triangles, Gus and triangles.