Baby Boys’ Room

I’m not planning having babies for a while, but if I had a baby boy, I would love to have a nursery like this one.

I love the wood on the wall mixed with the light blue.


Bus pass art

Love this before and after via Design*Sponge.

Megan took her boyfriend’s collection of bus passes and made them into art. Gorgeous!


Laundry Rooms and Painted Floors

I have this issue with my laundry room. It’s ugly. Really ugly. I think it used to be some sort of porch and the people who owned the house before me just sort of slapped some walls on it and called it a laundry room. The floor slopes too. Anyway, my dream is to make it somewhere I enjoy being seeing as how on the weekends, I usually end up spending quite a bit of time in there.

It’s hard to tell in the photos, but the walls have holes drilled in them, there’s a big hole in the wall behind the washer that I have to keep the cat from climbing into so I don’t lose him in the walls forever, and the floor is a horrible vinyl that I just can’t stand.

My dream is to sand the gloss off the floor and paint the floors with a fun pattern.

This is my favorite.

I also love these.

I love the high gloss on the last one.

Of course I can’t do gorgeous floors and ignore the walls. Nicole over at Making It Lovely has some quite inspiring laundry room before and after shots that make me think, okay I can do this.

I love this shade of blue. (I even have the same comforter peeking in on the left side)

I’m ready to tackle some projects during Spring Break. This is a big one though. I may just start with having the insulation I desperately need put into my roof.

Before and After – Living Room

Soon after painting my dining room orange, there was a giant ice storm that left me in my house for three days. Seeing as I can’t sit still for long, I decided to tackle my living room. I went with a deep purple.



Looking into my orange dining room:

Before and After – Dining Room

Back in July, I made a really quick decision to buy a house. It has its ups and downs (like no insulation in the roof whatsoever) but overall, I love it. I painted the upstairs rooms soon after purchasing the house, but the downstairs rooms remained that neutral, trying-to-sell-a-house color. One day I decided I had had enough of neutrals. Probably because it was the darkest, grayest days of winter, and I needed some color in my life.

My first room makeover was the dining room. Instead of staying “safe” with something that wouldn’t offend, I thought, this is my house and it’s going to look the way I want it. I picked a bright orange and never looked back. I am totally in love. The bright, happy orange cheers me up when it’s gray. Here are some before and after shots.