Long weekend- painting and kittens

Sorry for the extra late post. I’ve been busy. I took Monday off for a long weekend to get some things done around the house.

I painted. Here are a few “work in progress” photos. More to come.

Also, something adorable. A cat has been hanging around my house and it was clear that she had recently had kittens. I’ve been feeding her so she and the kitties wouldn’t go hungry. Just last Friday, I discovered where she was hiding her kittens. They’re living in a hole in my neighbor’s roof right outside my bedroom window! I sat and watched them for a half hour on Monday. So close, yet just out of my reach. Okay, maybe more like seven feet out of me reach. They’re so cute!

Here’s the mama cat who likes to hang around me and my house to get away from the kitties.


Gus was not pleased to see so many other cats so close to his house.

I have a short video of them on my flickr too.



I just came across Meowoodle via Quipsologies. Meowoodle is a “collection of drawings, doodles and sketches by designers and illustrators of their cats.” Here are a few of my favorites:

Snoozy by Lex van Tol

Professer Charles Xavier by Rob Toombs

Tomo Marinovich by Erik Marinovich

I can’t wait to check back for more.