Bowtie Quilt

I adore this quilt.

It was made with the same pieces as these quilts.

I love that you can make so many different styles from basically the same pieces.

This was the first quilt I made my own binding for. It’s a light blue polka dot. It makes me so happy! I even made some tags for my quilts. This one is available in my shop too.


I made an entire quilt in 6 hours!

It was a baby quilt, but considering this is only the second one I’ve ever made, I’m pretty proud. A friend’s baby is turning one this week, so I made this for her birthday. Just a simple six inch triangle pattern, but I think it’s so sweet and pretty. I remember as a kid, we had a quilt my mom had made from old clothes when she was about thirteen. I loved looking at all of the different fabrics and patterns. I hope Clara (the baby) feels the same way about her new quilt.

Vintage Postage Illustrations

I’ve been doing a lot of random doodles and patterns and illustrations. Here is one inspired by vintage postage and a Santa Fe themed color palette. You can see other projects on my flickr. I really want to turn these into some sort of pattern. What do you think? Do you have any cute illustrations or patterns?