Rubber Stamp Fail

I bought a “Make Your Own Rubber Stamp” kit. First attempt was a big huge fail, but I kinda fudged a few parts.

For one, apparently Home Depot quilt selling glass because it broke too often. I bought some small pieces of plexi, which I had doubts about, but it was cheap enough, I figured I’d try it. Next, I couldn’t find the light I really needed to expose the polymer.

It says on various sites that you can use a UV light or a blacklight. The “blacklights” at Home Depot are probably more just purple colored lights. No UV lights either. I bought a “plant light” whatever that means thinking maybe it would have some UV in it.

The polymer is supposed to harden after 2 minutes for each side. After about 10 minutes (or more) it was still totally mush, but I was starting to see it hardening very very slightly near the images, so I still have hope.

Also, as I set it up to expose, I realized I totally screwed up the images and forgot to switch them to negatives instead of positives.

So if I am able to fix allllll of these problems, maybe I will get it to work next time. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Makeshift Curtain

The window over my bed faces east so on sunny weekend mornings, sleeping in is almost impossible. I am not a morning person and love to sleep in when I can so I decided to make a curtain for the window. Originally, I just grabbed some extra solid fabric and make a fast curtain.

But then I saw this beauty.

(via sotakeahike on flickr)

Aren’t these perfect?! I love the way the light coming through makes it look sort of like stained glass. I pulled down my curtain immediately and cut it in half. It took a little longer than I had expected (mainly due to being down and out for a few days due to food poisoning).

Here is mine.

And in the morning.

I put muslin on the other side of the patchwork part so it looks a little more finished from the outside. I am planning on making another for the other window in the bedroom. I think I may plan the fabrics a little more. For this one I just pulled out scraps I had and started sewing.

Current Project: Denyse Schmidt Single Girl Quilt

I have been working on and off (mostly off) on this Denyse Schmidt Single Girl Quilt since December. I kind of burned out after cutting all the little pieces and sewing them into rings. After a little teasing from my boyfriend about how it would never get finished, I got back to it.

Here are a few work in progress shots.


Here is the patchwork part all finished. I love it. It’s so sweet.


Apparently I need to work on sewing straight lines too.


Now onto the actual quilting which I have never done before in my life. I am not very good at tedious repetitive tasks. Clearly I will be machine quilting. I just bought a walking foot over the weekend and it made a HUGE difference. It hurt a little to drop $30 on a foot, but I can already tell it’s totally going to be worth it. I will add more pics once I get the quilting finished, if I ever get it finished!

Do you quilt? What have you made recently? Show me your first quilt.

Printmaking Love and Indian Inspired Floor Cloth

Recently, I discovered my work will allow us up to $1000 for professional development. Because I am in a creative field, my boss decided art classes could be considered professional development. I immediately signed up for a printmaking class at the local art center. I have missed printmaking so much and can barely stand to wait for my class to begin June 9th. I did a lot of printmaking in college, but that’s not to difficult when you have fantastic facilities. Now that I work a regular job and own a house (with lots of chores built in) it’s hard to find the time or the energy to actually do any printmaking, or any making of any kind.

On Fridays during my lunch I go to a pilates lesson. The woman I go to is just down the street from work and has two machines in her home. I meet my mom there and we get a workout and get to catch up too. Recently, she suggested we make a floor cloth for her studio to protect the wood floors in exchange for pilates lessons. I wasn’t entirely on board until I realized we could use silkscreen to make it.

I made the screens at home which was a first for me. At school, I had a fancy-schmancy room with a safe light to coat the screens as well as a scoop that was actually large enough to coat them in one swipe. I also had access to a vacuum sealed exposure table. Not at home. This caused a lot of stress and anxiety as I went through this learning process. Not to mention I was using my hose to clean out the screens and let’s just say, winter weather has stuck around a little late this year.

Fortunately, I did FINALLY get the screens figured out and the floor cloth turned out beautifully. I am completely hooked again on silkscreen and printmaking in general and cannot wait for my class!!

Here are some photos of the floorcloth.

Recycled Magazine Boxes

Several years ago, while I was in college, I posted this tutorial on my flickr. It’s gotten quite a few views and I’ve even seen it posted on Apartment Therapy! I thought I’d share it again here. Enjoy.

I hoard magazines. I cannot bear to throw them away even if I know I will never take the time to look at them again. Here’s a way to use those magazines I feel too guilty to throw away and create a colorful recycled magazine box for your home.

These are the (much pricier) inspiration:

(Tutorial after the jump)

Start with a page from an old magazine

Start folding the page at about a quarter inch thickness until it has a little bulk to it. I don’t suggest using the whole page, it get too thick.

Glue the edge and cut off the remaining page. You now have your first strip. Roll it into a circle like you are making the base of a coil pot.

Continue making strips and rolling them until you reach your desired diameter for your box.

Make sure it doesn’t get away. I clip mine so the glue can dry without unrolling.

Roll a strip that is about an inch thick (or whatever works best for your box). Glue it to your roll. You’ll now have what looks like a lid. To give it more support. Make thinner strips and glue them to the outside of the thicker strip until it looks kinda like this.

Here’s what the inside looks like. You can see the inner part is a thicker (about one inch) strip with the little ones glued to the outside.

Make another roll for the bottom. Be sure to make it slightly smaller so the lid will fit on the bottom. Here is my lid next to the beginning of the bottom of the box.

Do the same with the bottom as you did with the top in making a thicker strip to glue thinner strips to on the outside, but be sure your big strip makes a circle that will fit inside your lid. Do not put the thinner strips all the way to the top so it creates a little ledge for the lid to rest on.

Another view.

The top pink strip is actually tall enough that it is glued to the bottom of the box. On the outside of this piece, I glued thinner strips so it all looks the same.  Finished! Please excuse the messiness. this was my first attempt.

Enjoy! If you have any questions, please feel free to comment.

Anthropologie Necklaces on the Cheap

I came across this post on Flamingo Toes. Each week, she takes inspiration from one of Anthropologie’s gorgeous (yet often quite pricey) necklaces and makes a diy version on the cheap. This is one of my favorites. I don’t know if I would have the confidence to actually pull it off, but I love the fancy little animals.

Anthropoligie’s Version


Flamingo Toes’ Version


Check out the tutorial and try it for yourself.

Paper Home Decor

I really love paper. Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of home decor made from paper. I like this idea because it’s really quick and simple and if you get tired of it, you don’t feel too bad tossing it into the recycling.

Here are some of my favorite finds:

These paper mobiles from Upon a Fold are so colorful.


Create a wall sculpture from recycled toilet paper tubes.


Add some pretty flowers from doilies and colored thumb tacks.


Create some tissue paper flowers to add some color to a room.

If you have a bunch of magazines laying around like I do, try this pretty wreath.

DIY Chandelier

I’ve been searching blog after blog on cute ideas for diy lighting. I’m just not finding anything I like that I can buy straight from the store, and if I do, it’s entirely out of my budget. I decided to give up on that route and just make something of my own. Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to get to this project (it’s on the Spring Break to do list). I have found a few cool ideas I’d like to share in case anyone else just can’t afford traditional lighting.

(Images link to the original post)

I love this one from Design*Sponge. It’s very pretty, however, I don’t think it will put out the light I need in the spare bedroom/studio. Maybe a smaller version in the bathroom would be nice…

I love this idea. Can you believe this is a diy?

I think if I tried this mason jar light, I would try frosting the glass of the jars to soften the light a little.

You could always keep it simple by using an oversized shade.

And I know this is not technically a chandelier as much as a chandelier-like candle holder, but still, it’s gorgeous.

DIY Shrug

I wear a lot of shrugs. I don’t much care for my upper arms. I love fancy tanks and cute spring dresses, so I have plenty of cardigans on hand. Once it gets to be warmer though, I don’t want a lot of extra layers. Just something to cover my arms a little. I found this great tutorial from Annekata and can’t wait to give it a try. Just from looking, I honestly don’t quite get how it comes together, but I’m sure once I get my hands on some fabric I will get it.