Furniture Shopping

A while back I posted about finding something to display my quilts in. I didn’t find exactly that, but I did find something I couldn’t pass up. This lovely piece. I was in love the moment I saw it. Not to mention it was a steal especially since some of the IKEA pieces I had been looking at were $100-$200 more!

I love it even more with my cameras all set up in it at home! Swoon! I totally shoved my dining room table into the corner of the room so this could be center stage.


I also came across this. A giant Nixon. Any takers?


Quilt Storage

My quilt collection is beginning to grow. I am tempted by beautiful images of cabinets full of quilts to get something for my collection. That way if they aren’t being used I can still display them without the cats sleeping on them.

While I totally am in love with this first one, I know the kitties would love it too.


I love this one too, but it’s a little pricey for me at the moment. (IKEA $399)


I’m not sure about this color for my house, but the shape is nice (IKEA $249)


The colors of this one are great, but completely out of my price range. (The Bella Cottage $1895)


This isn’t at all what I am looking for, but I still think I need it in my life (Anthropologie)

Does anyone know of anywhere I can look for something like this. I browse craigslist from time to time, but never quite find what I’m looking for.

Succulent Outdoor Table

I adore succulents. They are easy to take care of and seeing as how I don’t have much of a green thumb, are perfect for me. I currently have one on my stove at home reminding me it is possible for me to keep something alive. I recently planted some flowers in the dirt bed outside my kitchen and was so excited about it, I ran out and bought a bunch more bulbs. It’s been raining like crazy so I haven’t had a chance to plant them yet, but believe me, I will. You just wait and see. While I am on this planting stuff kick, I have to share the coolest planter/table.

How awesome is this? I think it would be so sweet to have one the size of a picnic bench with little plants all down the center, but that project may have to wait until I get a few more necessary projects crossed off the “to do” list.

West Elm Shopping

I’ve been browsing around or all sorts of home decor items. West Elm is one of my favorite places to look for inspiration. Here is a little dream room mood board I put together.

1 Jason Polan Glass Decoupage Trays

2 Porcelain Hurricanes

3 Tall Industrial Metal Bath Cabinet

4 Sweep Upholstered Armchair

5 Henry Sofa

6 Glass Shadow Boxes

7 Display Coffee Table

8 Recycled-Glass Lantern

9 Ferris Rug