Summer Sunroom Dreams

If I had the money, I would tear out one of my kitchen walls and put in a sunroom. When I was younger, we lived in a house that had this great sunroom which was basically my playroom. I have incredibly happy memories of this room including garnering my love for storms because whenever a storm came through, my dad would come get me and we’d lay on the floor and watch the lightning. Also, natural light in imperative to my happiness.

Sunrooms of my dreams


Long weekend- painting and kittens

Sorry for the extra late post. I’ve been busy. I took Monday off for a long weekend to get some things done around the house.

I painted. Here are a few “work in progress” photos. More to come.

Also, something adorable. A cat has been hanging around my house and it was clear that she had recently had kittens. I’ve been feeding her so she and the kitties wouldn’t go hungry. Just last Friday, I discovered where she was hiding her kittens. They’re living in a hole in my neighbor’s roof right outside my bedroom window! I sat and watched them for a half hour on Monday. So close, yet just out of my reach. Okay, maybe more like seven feet out of me reach. They’re so cute!

Here’s the mama cat who likes to hang around me and my house to get away from the kitties.


Gus was not pleased to see so many other cats so close to his house.

I have a short video of them on my flickr too.

Summer Porch – Outdoor Living

I haven’t touched my porch since moving into my house last summer. I had other things that I needed to take care of first, like making sure I had a bed and finding the coffee pot so I would have adequate caffeine to complete all my new and exciting projects. Now that warmer weather is (hopefully) right around the corner, I really want to make my porch a place I’d actually like to spend some time.

When I moved in, this bench was left on the porch.

It would be perfect with some cushions. The only problem is, it’s not any sort of standard size. It appears to have been made from scraps left over from the posts. Apart from a a few hazardous looking nails, it’s totally salvageable. I’ll just have to make my own cushions. The only issue I’m having is cost. That foam filler can get a little pricey.

So now, let me share with you my
“If Money Were No Object, Which Unfortunately It Always Is, Porch Makeover”!

First off, cushion fabrics. I love color and I’m really into Moroccan patterns right now. Here are a few picks for cushions.




Next, accessories.

1. Casbah Rug $79.95

2. Sundial Outdoor Pillow $27

3. Abra Hurricane $89.95

4. Elan Coffee Table $635

5. Casablanca Lanterns $-7.95 – $49.95

6. Sausalito House Numbers $14 each

Paper Home Decor

I really love paper. Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of home decor made from paper. I like this idea because it’s really quick and simple and if you get tired of it, you don’t feel too bad tossing it into the recycling.

Here are some of my favorite finds:

These paper mobiles from Upon a Fold are so colorful.


Create a wall sculpture from recycled toilet paper tubes.


Add some pretty flowers from doilies and colored thumb tacks.


Create some tissue paper flowers to add some color to a room.

If you have a bunch of magazines laying around like I do, try this pretty wreath.