Vintage Postage Illustrations

I’ve been doing a lot of random doodles and patterns and illustrations. Here is one inspired by vintage postage and a Santa Fe themed color palette. You can see other projects on my flickr. I really want to turn these into some sort of pattern. What do you think? Do you have any cute illustrations or patterns?




100 Things to Draw

Such a good idea from Pikaland. A list of 100 things to draw. No excuses for Drawer’s Block now. Click through for the pdf download of the list.

I’ve been thinking a lot about drawing these days, and a lot of it is spent wondering about what to draw (raise your hand if you feel the same way!) So I did what an organized person would do – I made a list. At first I hit 50. Then 80. By the time I was done, I had about a list of 100 things to draw that must be shared! So for those who need a little inspiration on what to draw next, you can now download a small PDF of the list I made. (The preview image here is just part of it, but you can see a full preview of the file at the left hand side of the blog.)

Feel free to spread it around and send it to those who needs it!

UPDATE: In my haste of putting out the list, there’s some laughable typos and things that are plain wrong! What the heck are “Mosters”?? (#57) & toads and spiders are NOT insects! (#46) They’re reptiles and arachnids respectively!

Something I can relate to

I have what I call a permanent frowny face. The corners of my mouth naturally curve down, so if my face is relaxed, I guess I generally look pissed. Kris Atomic created a comic about having the same problem. I like “Chronic Bitch Face” better.

Karolin Schnoor

I have fallen madly in love with these prints from Karolin Schnoor. They’re so pretty and feminine without being overly girly. I want a set of these three.



and look at the beautiful texture from the silkscreen! I miss silkscreening so much. This really inspires me to get back to it.

(via Design*Sponge)

Double Merrick

Double Merrick has some gorgeous prints. It’s the shop of Merrick Angle, an English designer and illustrator based in France. Here are the ones I would love to hang on my walls. To see more of Angle’s work, visit his portfolio.

All prints shown come in an A3 size (that’s 16.5 x 11.7 in for us non-metric people) and are €50 each.