Anthropologie Necklaces on the Cheap

I came across this post on Flamingo Toes. Each week, she takes inspiration from one of Anthropologie’s gorgeous (yet often quite pricey) necklaces and makes a diy version on the cheap. This is one of my favorites. I don’t know if I would have the confidence to actually pull it off, but I love the fancy little animals.

Anthropoligie’s Version


Flamingo Toes’ Version


Check out the tutorial and try it for yourself.


Moroccan Influences

I love Moroccan style. Such intricate patterns and deep rich colors. I’m currently thinking about decorating a few rooms of the house in a Moroccan inspired theme, so of course it’s been on my mind a lot lately. I couldn’t help but take a peek at some Moroccan style jewelry (even though it has nothing to do with the house work I will be trying to take on during spring break). Here are a few of my favorite finds from Etsy.

henna – gold and glass teardrop earrings


Metallic Moroccan Red Greek Leather Bangles with Gold Plated Tube Accents

SURI-Golden Moroccan Pendant and Gunmetal Chain Necklace


and my favorite

Kasbah Red and Gold Locket Necklace


More Moroccan things to come soon.

Clover Ring

I know it’s a little late for St. Patrick’s Day posts, but I love clovers all year! I adore this ring from

So sweet and pretty. Unfortunately sold out and out of my price range. I guess a girl can dream, right?


Rough Raw Diamonds

While I’m on the subject of jewelry, a lot of my friends (or random facebook acquaintances) have been getting engaged recently, so of course, their “ring pics” have been popping up across my facebook feed. I was talking to my boyfriend and he was telling me how a friend of his was saying you were supposed to spend like three paychecks on a ring. The idea of having something worth that much money on my finger gives me heart palpitations. Maybe I’m a simple girl, but I find raw, uncut diamonds to be so beautiful. Take a look at what I mean. Here are a few of my favorites off of Etsy.

(Click image for etsy listing)

Gray Silvery Rough Diamond Ring – One Of A Kind from louisagallery $69

Raw Natural Rough Diamond OOAK Ring from RandomJewels $295

Rough Diamond and Tiny Cut Diamond Ring from valkasinskas $130

Rough Diamond Stacker Ring from elseetee2 $80

And a ring for my not quite so simple taste

Mixed Crystal Keyhole Sterling Silver Ring from elseetee2 $145


Update: Hex Bracelet

I posted before about these bracelets made from hex bolts. I got a chance to try it myself. I LOVE it. I got tons of compliments on it at work. I want to make a ton more. Find the tutorial at Honestly…WTF?


Braided Hex Bracelets

I LOVE the hardware store. I didn’t used to seeing as how as a kid I was often dragged their by my father on Saturdays for hours on end. There was nothing PRETTY to play with. I was usually only bribed into this trips with the promise of choosing candy at the checkout. However, over the years, I learned a lot of things from my handy father, one of which was a love for the hardware store.

Now I have a whole new reason to go to the hardware store. Jewelry supplies! I cannot get over how chic and pretty these braided hex bracelets are.

To view a full (and pretty simple) tutorial, visit Honestly…WTF?

Off to the hardware store!


dance with me vintage dance card pencil necklace range by baltica

I love these necklaces from baltica on etsy. I have a slight obsession for office supplies, especially vintage. I would want to wear several of these at once.

originated in the 18th century, dance cards were used by a woman to record the names of the gentlemen with whom she intended to dance each successive dance at a formal ball. dance cards were accompanied by a tiny pencil and attached to a lady’s wrist or ball gown by a decorative cord.

via dance with me vintage dance card pencil necklace range by baltica.