Indian Block Printing Video

Apparently I missed this a while back but I had to repost it. It is so beautiful. I can’t believe the level of craftsmanship involved in making those blocks and printing the fabric. I wish I was as talented.


Katherine Sandoz

While browsing my daily blogs, I came across abstract painter Katherine Sandoz on Black*Eiffel. I was immediately enamored by her beautiful use of color. My favorite is the Cat Island series. Also, if you are in the market for some original artwork, she has an inventory reduction sale every five years and it’s going on now! You can snatch up one of these awesome paintings for close to 50% off. Take a look.

Farrow and Ball

Farrow & Ball create beautiful colors. They started off in England making paint one batch at a time in 1946. In the past few years, they’ve had an interest in the revival and restoration of historically accurate colors. On top of that, they are very concerned with making their paints environmentally safe and have low to minimal VOCs.

But the colors, oh the colors. Swoon.

Laundry Rooms and Painted Floors

I have this issue with my laundry room. It’s ugly. Really ugly. I think it used to be some sort of porch and the people who owned the house before me just sort of slapped some walls on it and called it a laundry room. The floor slopes too. Anyway, my dream is to make it somewhere I enjoy being seeing as how on the weekends, I usually end up spending quite a bit of time in there.

It’s hard to tell in the photos, but the walls have holes drilled in them, there’s a big hole in the wall behind the washer that I have to keep the cat from climbing into so I don’t lose him in the walls forever, and the floor is a horrible vinyl that I just can’t stand.

My dream is to sand the gloss off the floor and paint the floors with a fun pattern.

This is my favorite.

I also love these.

I love the high gloss on the last one.

Of course I can’t do gorgeous floors and ignore the walls. Nicole over at Making It Lovely has some quite inspiring laundry room before and after shots that make me think, okay I can do this.

I love this shade of blue. (I even have the same comforter peeking in on the left side)

I’m ready to tackle some projects during Spring Break. This is a big one though. I may just start with having the insulation I desperately need put into my roof.

Before and After – Living Room

Soon after painting my dining room orange, there was a giant ice storm that left me in my house for three days. Seeing as I can’t sit still for long, I decided to tackle my living room. I went with a deep purple.



Looking into my orange dining room:

Before and After – Dining Room

Back in July, I made a really quick decision to buy a house. It has its ups and downs (like no insulation in the roof whatsoever) but overall, I love it. I painted the upstairs rooms soon after purchasing the house, but the downstairs rooms remained that neutral, trying-to-sell-a-house color. One day I decided I had had enough of neutrals. Probably because it was the darkest, grayest days of winter, and I needed some color in my life.

My first room makeover was the dining room. Instead of staying “safe” with something that wouldn’t offend, I thought, this is my house and it’s going to look the way I want it. I picked a bright orange and never looked back. I am totally in love. The bright, happy orange cheers me up when it’s gray. Here are some before and after shots.