Baby Things

It must be baby season or something. Lots of babies are on their way. A woman in my office is due next month and we are throwing her a shower next week. I made a quilt and people are pitching in for it to be a group gift. I’ve posted it here before, but it’s super cute so I have to share it again. I need to be sure to get some better pictures before I give it to her.

I think this is my best quilt to date. I made a baby-sized Denyse Schmidt pattern called Single Girl. I want to make it again. It’s a tedious pattern, but in the baby size, it’s not nearly as overwhelming as when I made the queen size for my first quilt!

As an extra, little gift, I bought the CUTEST baby bootie pattern off of Etsy and made some practice baby booties.

I showed them to some friends with kids and they said they would have paid an arm and a leg for them when their kids were little. The front panel has a Velro attachment so it’s easy too shove a squirmy little foot in there. My first try turned out pretty good, I think I just need to try a few more practice booties to make them just right.

There’s some hand sewing involved which is not my favorite thing, but they are so adorable. I also bought a baby boot pattern, which I haven’t tried yet.


Current Project: Denyse Schmidt Single Girl Quilt

I have been working on and off (mostly off) on this Denyse Schmidt Single Girl Quilt since December. I kind of burned out after cutting all the little pieces and sewing them into rings. After a little teasing from my boyfriend about how it would never get finished, I got back to it.

Here are a few work in progress shots.


Here is the patchwork part all finished. I love it. It’s so sweet.


Apparently I need to work on sewing straight lines too.


Now onto the actual quilting which I have never done before in my life. I am not very good at tedious repetitive tasks. Clearly I will be machine quilting. I just bought a walking foot over the weekend and it made a HUGE difference. It hurt a little to drop $30 on a foot, but I can already tell it’s totally going to be worth it. I will add more pics once I get the quilting finished, if I ever get it finished!

Do you quilt? What have you made recently? Show me your first quilt.

Rough Raw Diamonds

While I’m on the subject of jewelry, a lot of my friends (or random facebook acquaintances) have been getting engaged recently, so of course, their “ring pics” have been popping up across my facebook feed. I was talking to my boyfriend and he was telling me how a friend of his was saying you were supposed to spend like three paychecks on a ring. The idea of having something worth that much money on my finger gives me heart palpitations. Maybe I’m a simple girl, but I find raw, uncut diamonds to be so beautiful. Take a look at what I mean. Here are a few of my favorites off of Etsy.

(Click image for etsy listing)

Gray Silvery Rough Diamond Ring – One Of A Kind from louisagallery $69

Raw Natural Rough Diamond OOAK Ring from RandomJewels $295

Rough Diamond and Tiny Cut Diamond Ring from valkasinskas $130

Rough Diamond Stacker Ring from elseetee2 $80

And a ring for my not quite so simple taste

Mixed Crystal Keyhole Sterling Silver Ring from elseetee2 $145